Belgium- Brussels,Bruges,Mol

Climbing up stairs to get into an airplane… couldn’t really remember the last time I had to do that :D felt a little retro… so let’s do polaroids :) no, actually I just had gotten the hipstamatic app and wanted to try it out

So in Brussels I kinda had to go and see the Atomium, right? I mean I’m not really into doing touristy stuff, but some things you just have to see I guess… And it is pretty cool I  gotta say

Next I went to Bruges with Emilia,  a girl from Paraguay, whom I had met at the hostel. I hadn’t seen the movie or heard anything about the place before, but everyone told me it’s really beautiful.

We met Lies there who showed us around and took us to Vama Veche. A cute little festival with two music stages, a bar and a few food stands. On one night they also showed a series of horror short films which weren’t really frightening at all but all the more fun

Oh and they do have good beer in Belgium. Don’t mean the Stella shown in the pic, but the trappistes beers. Especially the brown ones. Just love them. My favourites would probably be Chimay and Leffe. The Roqueforte (no not the cheese) was also very good. Duval and Oval on the other hand taste quite disgusting in my opinion…

Then I started my internship at the Galaxy Studios…

which besides patching, soldering, falling in love with the Steinway D etc also meant having my own little private cinema… sweet

can you guess the movie? :)

Oh and well yeah it rained every day for the rest of August. Geez-us!!

So catching these sun beams was pretty much pure luck

And just when I had gotten used to hearing nothing but mosquitos and chicken during the night, I had to leave. And of course it was the first sunny day since I arrived :)


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