SWKT a.k.a. black forest cake

Okay, so a guy whom I got to know recently is a huge fan of the black forest cake – ‘Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte’ in german. As this is way too hard to remember for someone who doesn’t speak german, he just calls it SWKT (sounds good somehow, doesn’t it? – very official, like serious business, exactly as it should be with cakes ;) Anyway, he was kinda doubting that I could really make one and therefore being the mean person I am, I sent him a picture to show that I do. Didn’t really want to have a huge gateau in my fridge though, so I just made a tiny version but I think it turned out quite nicely. :)


2 Comments to “SWKT a.k.a. black forest cake”

  1. oh yum!my absolute favourite! :D

  2. Oh yes, I agree, it’s kinda hard to beat… :)

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