Smash-up meals

Yes!! The day has finally come, I’m going to London tomorrow (still gotta pack ahem…) I’ve been trying to eat all my left-overs in the last couple of days and it went quite well this time, I think the only thing left in my fridge is marmelade…

so today’s lunch: Batavia/Rucola salad with mixed veggies, sunflower and pumkin seeds.

Breakfast: Crunchy muesli with yoghurt, a fig and maple syrup.


4 Comments to “Smash-up meals”

  1. those figs look good, i had fig ice cream recently for the first time and it was soooo good

  2. Yup, I love them! never had fig ice cream though… gotta try that soon I guess :)

  3. A-ha, you yourself is crazy on taking pictures. ;-) I like the breakfast photo. Very European.

    BTW congrats for the new camera and lens.

  4. Oh thx! and yes I do like taking pictures a lot, especially now with the new lens… it’s the first really good one I ever had and I’m enjoying it immensely :)

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