Suit up!

Wednesday was international suit up day. So what’s that exactly? There is this guy called Barney  from the TV series ‘How I met your mother’. He is a… well, actually nobody knows exactly what he is doing, but he’s wearing a suit every day and encourages everybody to do so because: “Suits are awesome!” and they supposedly help guys score with women. So his advice to “suit up” quickly becomes a catch phrase after a few episodes. Snow suit up! Flight suit up! Slut up! or even: Law suit up! According to him most things he suggests are “awesome” or  “legen – wait for it- dary” and he loves to high-five in every possible way: Phone five, tiny five, freeze-frame high-five, hypothetical five and so on and on. He’s an absolute womanizer but still or maybe even because of that a real fun guy. So to come to the point: There is an episode where he invites his good friend Robin to a cigar bar and is very impressed because she “suited up”.

An guess what? That’s exactly what Bastian an me did on suit-up day. We went to Kruger’s, drank Whiskey and smoked cigars. I had never ever tried a cigar before and I’m not really planning to make a habit out of it, so I spent a few more bucks and got a Romeo y Julieta wide churchhill, which just got out this year. And I have to say I quite enjoyed it, which sadly I cannot say of the whiskey. I had a Jameson 12yrs on the rocks, but like every other whiskey I’ve ever tried, it just tasted like medicine to me. I can’t help it. As much as I like the whole idea of having a good glass of whiskey  in a dark cozy bar, me and whiskey – just doesn’t work. So it is with great sorrow that I have to announce this to be the end of our short-lived relationship. ;)

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