Food – plain and simple?

How many hobbies do you keep your entire life? And if you do, why is that? My biggest hobby has always been music and films and I was lucky enough to turn it into my job. So my job is my hobby :) then there is photography, where sometimes I can’t stop shooting and other times I leave my camera in the corner for weeks. Cooking on the other hand is something that you have to do every day in one way or another, cause you simply can’t survive without eating. So it combines necessity with pleasure, if you do it well enough (…burned my pancakes this morning haha) A lot of my friends say that it takes way too much time to cook, but I have to say that’s not entirely true, cause once you got down a few basic recipes you can pretty much be done in less than half an hour. And show me the restaurant where you get a freshly cooked meal faster than that, except when you’re the only customer maybe :)

And above all you can have anything you like at any time you want it :) goat cheese with pear and rucola for breakfast? why not? peanut butter with chocolate cream, jam and banana for dinner? hell yeah! you can try any crazy combination you like. I don’t know many people who haven’t fallen in love with cooking once they’ve really tried it. Or at least I definitely have!

5 Comments to “Food – plain and simple?”

  1. Yum!! that salad with the corn looks divine… I love cooking too, but am also a big fan of cooking huge amounts (of say, bolognese sauce or something similar) and freezng portions for those days when you get home late and dont even have half an hour because the husband NEEDS TO EAT NOW, but its still a home cooked meal.

    • Hey there and thx! it was good too :D
      I’m a huge salad fan!
      Gonna try the freezing stuff idea. My roommate does it all the time but I’ve never really thought about doing it. Don’t know why really :)

  2. Looks delish! Gotta buy some corn now :P

  3. Everything looks so tasty! I wish grocery stores were open today… :)

    “So my job is my hobby :) ” – that is so awesome, not many people get to work in an industry that they love.
    (I wish you all the best this week!! :) )

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