Crazy London

The last couple of weeks have admittedly been pretty crazy, but fun none the less. I got a call from one of my favourite film post production studios in London. I was so excited when I saw it was them calling, that I couldn’t even pick up the phone and called them back a few minutes later. They asked me if I could come in for a job interview and of course I said yes, booked a flight and was there just 5 days later. To make the story short, after the interview and insanely long hours of trying not to get a heart attack, I got the job and had to freak out a little bit of course. Calling everyone and screaming into the phone. :D

In retrospect the hardest part was to find a place to stay though. London is unbelievably expensive and I didn’t even know exactly how much I was gonna earn. So I spent the last two weeks on people’s couches while spending hours on gumtree, moveflat, easyroommate etc. and finally got lucky and a pretty nice room in a flat in Bloomsbury. Only problem is the moving date, which is at the end of the month, meaning I’ll be sleeping on couches for just a little longer… Nevertheless I’m sooo happy to be here and it has been just great up to now. Will post a few of my favourite little stories that happened here when I find the time.

Oh and after I had to cancel our highly anticipated Halloween party in Vienna… I’m still sorry about that!!! I at least had to go out and try to make the best effort to dress up with the stuff I had with me. So it’s not really what I was hoping to be this year (cause I loooove Halloween) but it worked out ok I guess and the party I went to was pretty cool as well. Still, I really did miss my friends that evening!

Not to forget… new english breakfast habit: porridge with banana and peanut butter. And hear hear: I’m almost never drinking coffee anymore but tea with milk instead… hmmm, am I sick? ;)

6 Comments to “Crazy London”

  1. Nice costume :)

    That breakfast looks nice and hearty.. maybe I’ll have that instead of cereal tomorrow!

    • Thx Allison,was all I could manage without having any costume stuff with me, so I think it was okay :)
      Oh and the breakfast is really nice haha. Would never had thought that I’d like porridge that much :D You should definitely try it!

  2. Yes… Tea + Milk = lack of sanity.

  3. Hi, Ju, You are looking so nice on that photo. So I `m not surprised, that you `ve got the job.
    Now I `ll look to London exspecially Bloomsbury by google earth. Your room looks invitably. But tea instead of coffee, that is unbelieveable. But it`s better for your nerves. I`m looking forward to hear from you and will take some photos. Tomorrow we `ll send you some pictures from our holiday in italy.
    Have a good time . So long Gitti Mama

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