Let’s get cooking!

I finally got to move into my new room in London. Unfortunately just for this week until the former tenant comes back from his business trip, but at least I can already do a little decorating and also leave some stuff here so I don’t always have to die of exhaustion when I move from one couch to the next :D

When I got here on Saturday nobody was home so I went to the Pret A Manger around the corner and did a little reading.. I’ve been carrying “the girl with a dragon tatoo” around with me for some time now… Then Yanny came with her boyfriend so I could drop off my bags and we went to make copies of the keys. Meaning I’m officially a part of the flatshare now! :) I really like living with other people, it’s nice to have someone around when you come home, but there are these tiny little things like…. when I got back, I realized the kitchen was a complete mess and it seemed like no one had cleaned it in QUITE a while. Hmmm! So when I wanted to cook myself dinner I just went crazy and cleaned the whole room haha. Took me about 4 hours lol, but now it looks a bit homier at least. And  believe me, I’m not a crazy cleanliness freak!! Definitely not! But how can you do any work when the sink is filled up with dishes and all the surfaces are crammed? :D Also it is a mystery to me why one would have eight wooden cooking spoons but not a single drinking glass… Anyway, I went out and bought some kitchen equipment and at the same time did my groceries… First I went to Waitrose near Russell Square. Outside there was a little market with a few booths that sold lovely home-made cakes, cookies and muffins.. mmm

Then I realized that it is probably the most expensive British supermarket I’ve yet been to and decided to go to the gigantic Sainsbury near Camden town station… I got so much stuff or rather such heavy stuff, that my moving suitcases seemed like featherweight compared to it. Also two of the plastic bags ripped on the way home and I smashed a glass of Wilkin & Sons Orange marmalade :( how fun! But I’m all stocked up now and don’t have to live on sandwiches and pies during the week anymore :) cool!

Awww, Yanny just got home and look what she made for me and Lucy! That’s the kind of stuff  that makes you feel at home, don’t you think?

4 Comments to “Let’s get cooking!”

  1. How sweet of her! Those are adorable! I’m glad you’re happily moved in although it sounds like a pretty hectic day, haha. What did you use to take these photos?

    • Thx, it was okay and I’m really happy to have my own room now at least for a while :)
      For the pictures I’ve used an iphone app called hipstamatic. It’s prettycool, you have all kinds of different films and lenses and stuff :) worth checking out I think!

  2. Glad to hear things are working out so far! (except for the smashed marmalade!)
    How is “The Girl with the Dragon tattoo”? I’ve also been carrying it around for awhile but haven’t really started it yet!

    • Hey hey Jess! I think it’s pretty good actually. I mean no great literature, but very entertaining! Gonna have to put it aside now again though, cause I just joined a girls book club (how nerdy!!!) to get to know some people and this one is actually pretty cool I think so I have to read The thirteenth Tale by monday. Just bought it today haha. wish me luck!
      Btw I’m still waiting for some new posts lady!!! :D xxx

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