All in a tumble

Again one of my “oops I haven’t been on my blog since erm… when?” posts.

I’ve been thinking of doing little reviews of different cafes, restaurants and shops (like I did with Corns n pops) so maybe just start with that… I’ve been walking past a beautiful bakery/restaurant on Wardour street basically every day. What made me notice it was that you can watch them baking their bread from the street.  Awesome!  So I went there with a friend during my lunch break the other day and found they have “real bread” (A topic I’ll definitely have to address in another post), delicious pizza and pasta but also cakes and pastries.

It’s quite expensive (£7 for a loaf of bread) which is the main reason why you won’t see me there every day… cause food-wise you definitely would. One can just taste and smell that everything is made right there and then, which is one of my main criteria for good food — freshness.

Another place that I have come to appreciate lately is Berwick Street market.

It’s not very big but efficient :) You can get cakes, fruit, nuts, flowers and fish. That’s all you need, no? Or maybe it just reminds me of my beloved Naschmarkt in Vienna. I don’t know what it is but whenever I’m far from somewhere I’ve lived for a longer period of time I yearn for things that remind me of it, even if I really like the new place.  Does that sound familiar to you or is it just me being nostalgic?

It’s the same with houses. We are just moving from our house in Brixton to a short let in Streatham Hill. And everybody has become a bit melancholic about all the good times they had in the old place and if this is the end of an era etc. and even though we were all so happy about this temporary solution until we find the right and final home we are comparing the two houses all the time.  Saying this and that was better and “we don’t have” and “we might not” and it ain’t this and that, but I guess it’s really just people getting attached to things and not wanting to let go. And I’m not any better! On the contrary haha. But I am also very optimistic that we’ll find the right place for all of us. It’ll just take some time…

Moreover I’m seriously considering to get a cat for us.  One of the housemates who is moving out had an amazing cat called “Gadget” who everybody loved and it just made the house so much more like a home. Adding a lot of family feeling to it. Chilling in the living room with the fireplace on and having a purring cat on your lap… what could beat that? ;)

And he was so smart too, like here during my breakfast where he is trying to show me that he wants food. Now!! He knows exactly where it is and doesn’t even give me a single glance but is just completely fixed on the cupboard where his cat food is. Haha. So cute! :) Do you have any pets? And if so what are their quirks?

6 Comments to “All in a tumble”

  1. I’m new to this blogging thing, I like the look of your site and I’m having trouble posting 3 pics in one line, I can do it through the gallery link but the size of the photos are much smaller than yours, how do I get the 3 pics to line up the same size as yours. hoping you can help, thanks

  2. Hi, I like the way u arrange your pics too. Same as the above, I would also like to know how u do the arrangement especially like those in your ‘about’ page.

    Another thing, I would also like to know how do u insert “share this post” part at the end of every post? Really hope u don’t mind to teach me. Thanks.

  3. Oh Jules, sorry we are all posting about how you do your blog with it’s theme! I too am using this template and can’t get my posts to show up in one column across the page like yours. They always show up in two next to each other even when I select one column, anything you can think off to fix this problem? What is the width (in inches) you use for your photo template? I am volunteering in the Philippines for the year and want to start this blog for my supporters, thanks for your help!

    • Hey Jaime,
      Sorry for just getting back to you now! I haven’t been on my blog for ages!
      It’s actually quite easy to get three pictures in a row. when you edit the size of your picture here on wordpress go to advanced settings and change the width to 195 that’s the maximum size to get three pictures in a row.
      Hope that helped :)

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