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October 20, 2010

up and running

Since Saturday I’ve been out running three times. I wake up, have a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter, put on my running gear and off I am. And what can I say? It works!  Having eaten just a few minutes before I start my run doesn’t seem to bother me at all. On the contrary I feel way better than any time I ran on an empty stomach. So I’m absolutely optimistic that my plan to become a “morning runner” will work. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Something that I’ve always been using during my runs is an iphone app called Run keeper Pro. It tracks your elapsed time, average speed and distance you’ve been running, and if you want you can have a nice woman read them to you every five minutes ;) Today something went wrong though, I guess I didn’t have a very good GPS signal and look what came out: on the left is my end status from two days ago and on the right the one from today.

Pretty slow huh? :D

October 5, 2010

Good morning… run

Okay, so I’m still sick, which is horribly annoying. I’m really not good at lying in bed all day long. And to make things worse I got an inflammation of the middle ear so I can’t really hear anything and therefore not do any work for university. I picked probably like the worst time to get sick, cause it’s the beginning of the new term and everybody’s full of  energy, zest for action and new resolutions. Me, too, I had so many plans on what to do and I can’t follow any of them because I’m too tired all the time. But at least I wanna put down one of my main resolutions here, so I won’t forget it or rather so it’s out there. When I’ve said it, I feel more like I really have to do it then. So here it is:

I’ve been running for quite a while now. Two times a week for an hour, which is pretty good for me personally, BUT: up to now I’ve been kind of an evening runner, which doesn’t really suit my daily schedule. I’ve always liked the idea of running in the morning, but on an empty stomach it’s horrible and I always thought if I ate I would have to wait an hour or more until I’d digested everything. Well, it now happens that I’ve heard of people running immediately after eating and that it’s ok. Though that’s probably not for me, I thought I’d try to have just a little snack before the run, like half a banana or a toast or sth and regular breakfast afterwards. So to phrase my new semester resolution: Go running in the morning. Every second day for half an hour. There it is :) I put it down!

And now to come to more cozy matters: Fall has definitely arrived now and therefore it’s pumpkin time! Started today with some freshly made butternut-squash-soup and will undoubtedly see more of this over the next few weeks.

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