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December 4, 2010


Time really does fly past lately… So a quick update on what has been going on around here.

Of course I still love cooking, but unfortunately don’t have the time for it at the moment. When I’m on the late shift I get dinner from the company and it’s mostly curries or noodles and wraps etc.

But with me hopefully moving in soon with my new amazing housemates, who love to cook as well, I’ll definitely be doing it again once we’ve found the right house. The kitchen at the place I am living right now doesn’t really inspire you to any culinary creations… but soon soon I’ll put up new and lovely pictures of christmassy food and biscuits I hope :)

I also got a new cook book the other day:

I had never heard of Miss Dahl before but I found it standing in the queue at the post office inside WHSmith. Great pictures, delicious recipes, good quality printing on thick paper and only £6.25 for a hardback copy?! Pretty catchy title as well, don’t you think? :)

Two quite unfortunate events happened though… First I got my iphone stolen. Right in the middle of Oxford Street! I was waiting in front of a cash withdrawal, texting and a guy ran by and grabbed it right out of my hand!! I was wearing high-heels and he was gone so quickly I didn’t even realize what had just happened, otherwise I would have killed the b******! And not enough that they stole my phone! No! They logged into my facebook, skype and whatsapp and insulted my friends! Anyhow, I changed all my accounts and then went and bought myself an old crapberry…

Two days later my macbook broke down. It just went dead. And with my room not being available back then I found myself with no home, no phone, no laptop and no internet. How fun! Also no mobile company wanted to give me a contract as my credit check wasn’t good enough. But how could it be? My bank account was only a week old!! :D

But let’s forget about all that. At the place I was staying during the week before I moved into my own room they had the most adorable little dog! And it was really lovely to come home in the evening and get such a cute welcome :)

More importantly though the two girls living there are just great and I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing them again tonight :)

More soon!! Have a great weekend everybody!

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